@ smartphone audio quality

Are there any smartphones on the market that sound as good as a cowon j3 personal audio player from the headphone jack?

This is one of those things that is usually completely missing in smartphone reviews, but the fact is many people probably listen to music off their phones and "graduated" away from dedicated media players... but there is no word on what has the highest audio quality.

It might be useful to have one guy on the verge staff designated as the "audiophile guy" who occasionally does tests on a series of flagship smartphones throughout the year and rates the audio quality and compares and contrasts them.

I think it would be more useful to have ONE guy do this because audio quality is subjective to some degree and hearing between individuals does not seem to be constant. With one guy/girl, they could give consistent impressions of various aspects of audio quality like lows/mids/highs - soundstage and separation or warmth or a dozen other impressions.

I think that would be extremely useful for those looking for some more than "it plays audio" out of a flagship phone.