Upgrade recommendation for casual Android user?

I'm a Windows Phone user myself (don't kill me for being here!) but my sister has an upgrade available from AT&T which she's been eagerly waiting for ever since the top part of the screen of her HTC Aria broke a couple of months ago. She definitely wants Android mostly to keep the same apps she's been using, but we're trying to figure out what device is right.

Anyway, here's a rough guideline of what she's looking for:

  • Max screen size: 4-inches
  • Max on-contract price: $150
  • Durable quality (similar to HTC's metal constructions)
  • Decent battery life
  • At least Gingerbread 2.3 support
  • No off-contract / unlocked prices

She obviously likes HTC which is why I thought of the Inspire 4G, but it's kinda outdated and too big. Plus AT&T doesn't have too many HTC phones at different sizes (all are above 4.3"). I was thinking she could go for a Motorola Atrix (the first one) because it's just the right size and has pretty strong specs all around. The only thing is that there's a pretty negative stigma around that so I'm not too sure. Any Atrix owners willing to disprove that theory?

Any other device suggestions?