Reports are coming in that Microsoft's online store in India has been hacked. The site is now offline, but Google's cache shows that the Chinese EvilShadow Team is taking credit for the hack. Worse than the site takedown is that a list of usernames and passwords for accounts have been released — unfortunately, it looks like the site kept its users' passwords stored in plain text, making it very easy for the hackers to get at the sensitive information. We'll update this post as we get more information, but for now, it'd be a good idea to change your passwords if you have an account at Microsoft Store India.

Update: As some commenters have pointed out, it's worth noting that Microsoft Store India is not run by Microsoft. As the site's Terms of Use say, the store is owned and operated by an Indian company named Quasar Media, which has been "appointed by Microsoft to own, maintain and operate the online store." The store is still down at of the time of this writing.

Update 2: After being down all day, it looks like the site is back in the control of its owners. A statement on the site now reads: "The Microsoft Store India is currently unavailable. Microsoft is working to restore access as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused."