Bag Suggestions

Hello all,

So I've been fascinated by all these what's in your bag posts. The thing is, my backpack (North Face) along with my Macbook Pro 15-inch was stolen last October. I'm looking to replace both of those now.

For now though, I'm focusing on the backpack. The laptop thread will be a different one (I'm waiting for Ivy Bridge). What I need in the backpack is something like this (this is approximately what I'll be having. Might be slightly more/slightly less:

1. A 15-inch laptop (Most probably an Ultrabook or at least not heavier than a Macbook Pro 15-inch)

2. Around 3 books at once (not too large ones. Regular 200-400 page ones.

3. A few cloths of normal size

4. A Nikon D3100 with the regular lens (not a necessity as I have a separate bag for it.)

5. Small notebooks/notepads

6. Lots of keys/keychains/pens/pencils/pen drives/mints/headphones

7. Two Seagate GoFlex Portable hard drives (the ones with out a power cord)

8. USB cables/micro usb cables / iPod Touch/ Droid Incredible

9. Any other small things / few things I'm forgetting at the moment.

Price: Around $100 (preferably less).