Vita memory cards

There's a thing with the PSV memory cards that most complainers seem to be forgetting. Sure prices are fairly high, but could surely be higher. This is Sony guys, you know them. But let's say te PSV had, instead of semi-expandable storage, internal flash storage.

On a high-end gaming the device like the Playstation Vita, you'd rather have a lot of storage than not, so let's say Sony would go for a 16GB and a 32GB device. Assuming the Vita is priced nicely towards cost (so building the device would cost something like 200 bucks, and then a profit margin), adding the flash storage would bump the device from 250 to something like 300 bucks. Then, the 32GB version would probably cost 100 more than that, just like iPod Touches and iPads, etc. charge you 100 for double the storage. Crazy, but it's what companies do.

Now, with the current way the PSV is, you pay 250 for the Wi-Fi only model. Then you need some storage as well. This is 59,99 for the 16GB and 99,99 for 32GB. With 32GB you're obviously cheaper or priced the same, even if the PSV with 16GB of internal storage would be priced the same as it is now. Also, storage cards are more prone towards price drops than an entire gaming console, with sizes expanding rapidly et all.

I think the 16GB is a bit oddly priced, 'fasho', but it's not all that bad. Some people were saying Sony should've went with internal storage, but it's even less favorable. More so on Vita, or any gaming device with digital distribution, where your storage is going down the drain extremely fast.

And yeah, compare these to SD-cards and the prices are extreme. But keep in mind that the bulk of SD card production is 10x, if not 100x greater than proprietary storage. And anyone surprised that SONY, freakin' SONY didn't go with a standard should <insert bad comment>.

Reading back on what I wrote it kinda makes me feel like a Sony apologist, but I'm not. I loathe the company 99% of the time, but their products always wow me a bit. Vaio Z, NEX-series, Playstation Vita, or even earlier Playstations. Great products, but they're just the most terrible company in the world. Well maybe not THE most, but a bad one nonetheless. I chose to look at the Playstation Vita as a device made by Sony from the start, where for example with the Playstation 3 I just was looking at the product. I got WOWed away until the whole Linux story, the PSN outage/the way they handled it and obviously the BC-compatibility thing, and since then my Playstation has remained a blu-ray player. Because of the way I look at it now, I feel like the Vita as a device is pretty amazing and on the other end of things they didn't do such a bad job. Like I said, this is Sony*.

*It actually should be their tagline: "Sony. Expect The Worst"