One of the major question marks about the iPad 3 has apparently just been answered. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the iPad 3 will ship with LTE on board for both Verizon and AT&T, citing its venerable "people familiar with the matter." It's not yet known if Sprint will be able to pick up the iPad 3, although 3G radios on the device are apparently likely as the WSJ says that "When LTE isn't available, the new iPad will default to a slower network technology." The inclusion of 3G radios in addition to 4G LTE shouldn't be a surprise to anybody, but added together with LTE it does make it seem slightly less likely that Apple will be able to ship a single SKU for all carriers, as it does with the iPhone 4S and its dual-mode GSM/CDMA radio.

Earlier today we saw the announcement date for the iPad 3 rumored for March 7th, which lines up with earlier rumors of the first week in March.