Mattel brought a fairly intriguing toy with it to Toy Fair 2012 — it's called the Barbie Photo Fashion Doll, and it's where doll meets camera meets USB thumb drive. Yeah, doesn't sound terribly good to us either, but here's the rundown: it looks just like any other Barbie, but, discreetly placed on the doll's back within a necklace lies a tiny camera. The photos it takes are displayed on Barbie's T-shirt with what looks to be about an inch-large screen.

You can either take photos or use provided imagery to change the Barbie's graphic tees, and you can customize your photos with 15 frames and effects. If you want to get the (feature phone-quality) photos off of your Barbie and onto your computer, there's a Mini USB embedded in the back of her belt (yes, it looks as strange as it sounds), and a heart-shaped belt buckle button takes care of all navigation needs. The doll is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, and it will run you a steep $49.99 when it's released in August. Bonus: neon-pink Mini USB cable included for syncing the up to 100 photos the doll can store.