Favorite Motion Picture Soundtrack. Why is it "The One to Rule Them All"

What's your favorite one (or two) motion picture soundtrack? Which one do you find yourself blasting on your incredibly well-built sound system when you feel like it? Why do you like it so much? Post yours!

I'll start off. Normally I would answer with a picture like Inception, which has the amazing composer Hanz Zimmer, or a different movie that has Harry Gregson-Williams. They're famous for beautiful modern creations. But when I think of a soundtrack that can add to my workflow and provide a great rhythm, I look no farther than Top Gun's soundtrack (various artists).


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I grew up watching Top Gun, and the soundtrack has a beautiful mix of both upbeat and slow tracks. I know them so well that I can imagine the scenes that go along with them in my mind and they just flow so well. If I had to choose which song is my favorite on the album, I would probably go with "Playing with the Boys" since the lyrics and tune are catchy.

Now that I think of it, I have a second favorite. The one soundtrack that is astonishingly difficult to find anywhere in retail is for Quicksilver from 1986 with Kevin Bacon. I personally love the movie and the tracks that go with it. Just like Top Gun's soundtrack, it has a great mix of tones. One of the tracks in particular, "Rebirth," is very dramatic and always captures my attention. It's so popular, that while out of production, the CD on Amazon goes from $13 to about $130.


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I guess I'm just one for the 80's pop genre that's long gone.

What are your favorites?