Mobile imaging specialist Scalado is showing off its latest innovation: software that allows you to remove unwanted objects from pictures taken with your mobile phone. However, unlike desktop software that uses clever algorithms to replace the deleted items based on the background around them, this solution is far simpler. Once you've taken the shot, you tap on the offending object which moved into frame (while holding the phone steady) and the software retakes images and stitches together the images in order to clear away unwanted additions. It's worth noting that only moving objects are removable — anything stuck in one position will not be removed by the software,

The company has some pedigree in terms of mobile imaging, with customers including HTC, Motorola, Nokia, Qualcomm, and Sony Ericsson, and it has become known for its zero shutter lag and on-the-fly editing of images in mobile devices. Scalado says that Remove is set to be introduced at Mobile World Congress later this month, though you shouldn't expect to download this from your favorite market anytime soon — a spokesperson for the company told us that it's headed to device manufacturers, so you might just find it in your next handset.