Google OpenID login fails on mobile site (and error in error message)

This is weird; I can login just fine using as my OpenID URL from the main site, but gives me an error:

Sorry,{long-random-looking-id-string-that-must-be-my-google-account} doesn't appear to be associated with an account on this website. If you signed up for a new account, please make sure you have clicked the link in your the verification email you were sent.

If I'm not logged into Google, it first redirects to the login page, and only jumps back to after I give my login and password, but it still just gives the error.

Does anyone else have a similar problem? Is there a different Google OpenID endpoint URL I should be using? (it's hilariously difficult to find that one as it is, I would've thought I'd have run into any more current one if 'twere in existence, but stranger things have happened).

Also, you may note that at the end of the error message it says "the link in your the verification email". I think it'd be best if the "your" was just left out, yaknow, for the sake of grammar and all? I'd submit a patch if I could ;)