the verge and its understanding of microsoft

Sorry if i am opening up old wounds, but i finally decided i will post something on the verge. After the last couple of podcast its plain to see that there is little or misguided information about Microsoft on the verge. But if everyone will take a sec to look at the big picture you will realize that josh, nilay and paul are technically correct.

Now before the flaming begins, hear me out. The issue that we are seeing here is that each one of the verge members live in a certain ecosystem and unfortunately in the u.s, Microsoft is either hated or ignored as a force in the consumer space. heck speak with Microsoft focus system admins and you will be shocked that most of them dont even know 50% of Microsoft products. So if in the u.s people don't care to know about Microsoft product and no one is telling people what you can do with Microsoft products why should the verge members be held to blame. So with that being said the biggest problem here is that Microsoft get an Epic F for advertisements and marketing. Infact if windows was not installed on 85%+ pc in the world no one will know about Microsoft ( based on the current way they advertise and market their products). This unfortunately is what has killed alot of Microsoft products, Imagine if Microsoft was just as aggressive with marketing zune as much as they advertised the xbox. Infact the only product that Microsoft has that is actually aggressively advertised is the xbox and still 50% of its consumers dont even know the full capabilities of it. most people have forgotten the powerful media center extender that is with each xbox 360 ever sold. Want to watch hulu, abc, espn, mtv, bet, comedy central, adult swim, cartoon network etc on your 360 without paying the ridiculous monthly fee and even a gold subscription buy playon and install it on any machine on your network and stream all you want in your living room. And that was just one example, there are countless of ways to make the 360 the most powerful computing device in the living room but since no one goes out to prove it loudy enough, you just have to rely on Microsoft and their updates.

So let me tie this with the verge podcast hosts. If you live in an ecosystem for example google. its very easy to know what all the products are because right from the google mail you can see a list of google products at the very top of the page. if you live in an apple ecosystem and you have your music manage on your computer why do you care about other alternatives, you have a word editor on your machine you have imail configured to download you e-mail and you have your web browser to go to your webpages. will an average consumer living in any of these environments have any reason to know what is happening out side the echo system they live in. no.. and this is what microosft must face. Regular people need to know what is out there and why your product is better than what they currently have. This is why apple ads are so powerful because it makes the average person believe that they need to have the apple product because it does what they want in a simple way. So with that said, if joshua lives in the google ecosystem why should he care about zoho suite ( which is a hundered times better than google docs and offers more features than google, apple and microosft combined together), office webapps ( skydirve version not office 365 which has the same name) or even zimbra. what he cares about is the extra value google can bring to him, and if it cant then someone has to step up and show to them how succky the product their using is versus theirs. If any of the verge members did use hotmail they will have come quick to defend Microsoft, because you can create documents directly from hotmail, save them to skydrive publish it to your friends and have it synced to your computer when you get home, and if you a windows phone 7 device you can do the same thing on your mobile phone, sync your edits to the cloud and have it all where ever you want before you even get to your office/home.

So yes while its disappointing that the vergecast members have shown their ignorance of microsoft products, we should not be quick to call them hipsters or 'fanboys' because at the end of the day its up to microsoft to teach the public about what it has, and so far Microsoft has failed numerous times at this and they continue to fail about this. If Microsoft cant even coherently explain what windows 8 on Arm (WOA) is allowed to do then why should the press be the one to try and clear the fog that Microsoft has created when they themselves cant explain it properly.

If Microsoft wants people to know a product then they should explain it in 2 -3 bullet points. Not a paragraph. We all know what the Microsoft os is, so why not come out and say it.

Every windows 8 on arm tablet comes bundled with office, apart from office every app will be a metro winrt app bought from microsoft store..... how hard was that why must Microsoft say that same thing in pages. As much as i love Microsoft they are also the most invigorating company on the planet.

So before i end this let me just give a quick summary of Microsoft products * please help fill this out as Microsoft has a ton of product not even covered in all their sites.


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