I spoke to T-Mobile at length in preparation for my recent feature, "Phoning it in: the dirty secret of IP calling, and how it will change the phone industry," but T-Mobile had plenty to say that couldn't make it into the final piece. Now Josh Lonn, Director of Product Management at T-Mobile has posted to our forums, clarifying and expanding on T-Mobile's position on IP voice and Wi-Fi calling: he's for it!

We couldn't agree more that the evolution of IP communications has fundamentally changed the way we communicate. Accordingly, in the future you will continue to see T-Mobile include Wi-Fi Calling as a feature on the vast majority of our smart phones. As a pure play wireless company, we will continue to leverage and embrace the power of IP communications to bring seamless, cost-effective connections to consumers across networks and devices.

In contrast, Verizon and AT&T have specifically refused to comment to me on IP voice plans. Be sure to check out the full post and jump into the comments thread. And thanks, Josh, for participating in the conversation.