2012 is shaping up to be a huge year for Nikon, at least from a new product perspective — the company has already announced the upcoming professional-grade D4 and D800 DSLRs, and it sounds like the company isn't done yet. In an interview with Amateur Photographer, Nikon's marketing GM Nobuaki Sasagaki mentioned that the company's newest DSLRs wouldn't be the only ones released in 2012, though he wasn't more specific about timing. He did note that every new released needed to have a specific technological benefit to the end user, such as the D4's noise control and high ISO, and the D800's overall image quality.

While Sasagaki didn't elaborate on what this new camera might cover, Nikon hasn't updated its prosumer level DX-sensor camera bodies in a few years, so a new successor to the D7000 might be in the cards. And while a rapid release schedule like this isn't exactly the norm for Nikon, we've been told that the recent Thailand flooding impacted the company's ability to turn around new products — with a third DSLR on the horizon, it sounds like these issues have been largely cleared up.