Plenty of colleges and universities have their own YouTube channels, but the University of California is claiming its new channel UCTV Prime will be the first university-run YouTube original channel. When it launches on March 1st, UCTV Prime will offer 15 minutes of original programming every week — there will be 10-minute in-depth documentary-style content, as well as several different 5-minute segments. UCTV Prime: Vote will focus on election-year analysis, while UCTV Prime: Cuts will focus on research and events from the UC campuses. As for the mini-documentaries, the first is called "Naked Art" — it'll be a four-part series that focuses on the university's public art collections. UCTV Prime has a few trailers and promos available, but the first full content will be available both on YouTube and on the UCTV Prime home page in a few weeks. We'll see if YouTube decides to line up any other universities with original channels if UCTV Prime finds an audience.