Do Android users have less of an eye for design than iPhone users?

So my question is, as the title suggests - Do Android users have less of an eye for design than iPhone users?

I'm a long-time Android user, but I've always looked at the iPhone with admiration as I do all Apple products. Whether software or hardware it's beautifully done. Lots of Android users often comment stuff along the lines of "LOL go back to your grid of icons" etc., but I happen to like the iOS UI. I love the consistency of it, and that's why I'm really glad to see the new style guidelines in Android and the developers who are starting to use them as well as the improvements made with ICS (I have a Galaxy Nexus).



Looks great I think!

I even nearly chose an iPhone during my last upgrade and it was things like the UI which drew me to it, thankfully I stuck with Android and I'm glad I did :P

Anyway, the general impression I get is that Android users are much more focused on the practicality of their device rather than the aesthetics. Have you ever looked in a "show your home screen" thread on a forum like XDA? The openness of Android is a wonderful thing but it makes me cringe to see what people do to their devices sometimes, and some of the hideous themes people put on their devices. I remember this in particular with the Asus Transformer which I used to own, I just opened the home screen thread on XDA and clicked on a random page, this is the sort of thing I mean:




I know I sound really ranty and snobbish but I don't mean to come across that way! It is of course up to each person how they want their device to look and if it looks good to them then that's all that matters really. I'm just making a broad generalisation and I'm wondering if people feel the same? Maybe if Apple were more open then we'd see hideous themes etc. on iPhones, or maybe it really is down to the sort of person that buys Android/Apple.