There's no shortage of information about HTC's planned Android handsets for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this month, but now we can flesh out those spec sheets and leaked images with what are expected to be the official product names: One X and One S. The HTC One X, reports Pocketnow, will be what we call the quad-core device known alternately as the Edge or the Endeavor up till now, while the One S, says SlashGear, will be the moniker attached to the Ville. An intricate little detail also emerging from the shadow sources leaking this intel is that the X and S will appear as superscript next to the One, emphasizing that as HTC's branding.

If the name HTC One sounds familiar to you, that will be because we already saw an HTC 1 once. It was a concept phone design from 2010 that was so thoughtfully put together that we really felt a company should go ahead and build it. Maybe HTC took that to heart, maybe not, but if it does go with a simple naming scheme like One with a letter appended, we'll be grateful for it. It'd make headline writing a little easier, if nothing else.

Update: Pocket-lint is piling on with word that the third likely Android handset from HTC will be called the One V, describing it as "the Ying to the HTC Rhyme's Yang." Purportedly a music-focused device, it's expected to come with a 3.7-inch display, Android 4.0 as the preloaded OS, and a 1GHz processor.