The PS Vita is inching closer to launch, and with it Sony has released more information on the cross-play feature found in some of the Vita's launch titles. Cross-play essentially shares gaming content between the PS Vita and PS3 — in some cases, you can have multiplayer matchups across both systems, in others you can share DLC or even games without having to buy separately for both systems. In Sony's latest blog post, the company outlines several different cross-play promotions to go along with launch titles WipEout 2048, Hustle Kings, and Capcom's Marvel vs. Capcom 3 — and each varies in terms of the cross-play features and content available.

Hustle Kings has the most straightforward deal: if you buy the game on the PS Vita, you'll receive a free download of the PS3 version, and vice versa. WipEout 2048 owners who previously purchased WipEout HD and the Fury HD expansion pack on the PS3 will be able to download those games to the PS Vita when they launch this spring. As for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, you'll still need to buy each game individually for each platform, but any DLC you purchase for one system will also be available on the other.

Aside from shared content across the platforms, there's also shared gameplay between the systems, but it again differs from game to game. Hustle Kings will offer turn-based multiplayer across platforms at launch, and WipEout 2048 owners will be able to play against PS3 WipEout HD owners on four tracks at launch; we imagine that when WipEout HD and Fury HD come to the Vita, cross-platform play will be supported as well. Capcom's offering is a little different — you'll be able to use the Vita as a controller for the PS3 game, complete with touchscreen-selectable moves. While it looks like Sony and other developers will continue relying on DLC and add-ons for additional revenue, it's good to see users of both the PS3 and Vita get some extra value from owning both devices.