Mountain Lion - It's useless (unless you're an iFan)

So Apple just announced Mountain Lion. As a Windows Phone user this update seems very uninteresting since most of the new features are just for better integration between Apple devices.

These are the major new features:

  • iCloud (syncing Apple devices)
  • Game Center (cross platform gaming, for Apple devices. Xbox Live does this too so...)
  • Notes (Sync notes between Apple devices)
  • Reminders (Sync reminders between Apple devices)
  • Airplay Mirroring (yes, for Apple devices)
  • Sharing (no facebook)
  • also: Notifications, Gatekeeper, Calender

It's really sad to see this really. People say Microsoft are evil but at least they don't force you to buy their devices exclusively in order to enjoy all the features of their desktop OS.

Microsoft use Windows Live Reminders in WP, which is open for users on all OS:es. They have OneNote apps for iOS. They have no proprietary streaming methods like airplay. Xbox Live is pretty locked but at least they have an app for iOS.

For me this update feels like a big f-you in the face to all Android/Windows Phone users.

UPDATE: I obviously exaggerated when I wrote this. But I still think it's bad that, not just Apple, but other big companies aswell, use their popularity and power to force their own products down our throats. (Like MS with Bing on their phones).

I also learned from some of you that some of these apps do work with other services like Google Calender.