Mountain Lion OS X? Open The Window

There is not doubt that Lion was a deception in terms of innovation from every aspects. It was just Snow Leopard with some IOS features that don`t work well. You might argue, it`is only 30 dollars, but that`s still expensive for something that feels the same as its predecessor. Now Apple decides to take some actions against it. How? It plans to attack heavily with annual interactions. Why? Simple, Windows 8 feels like something totally different, innovative, and new. The result of it? Windows PCs sales will increase dramatically, and Windows will continue to outshine OS X`s innovations, and as a result Mac sales will go down. Just mark the date and watch the market when Windows 8 comes. People love new and shining stuff and that`s everything Windows 8 is going to be.

Apple has been lazy and poor in terms of innovation for its Main OS to the point that it started to borrow ideas from IOS, the one that they invest money and time, I guess. Apple should reinvent OS X, if it ever wants to catch up with Windows. Apple is not reinventing anything with this, but perhaps it can scratch Windows 8 at least before it enters. What a coincidence, Apple is launching a new OS months before Windows 8 in an unexpected move. This just can mean something.

What do you think? Is Apple scared?