It'll be difficult for Microsoft to fail

A lot of people are skeptical about upcoming Microsoft prodcuts and their success. Honestly, I just can't really see any way for them to actually fail. Windows 8, no matter how difficult it may be for many to adjust to, is a fantastic product and sooner or later become popular. The worst case scenario is that it will be off to a "slow" start, but will still increase revenues irregardless. The best case scenario is it becomes the fastest-selling Microsoft product ever, breaking records and making headlines. The latter will most likely happen. Also, Windows 8 will help generate more buzz for the PC industry, resulting in more sales for PC manufacturers. I'm not even going to get into the tablet market Windows 8 is expected begin dominating. All this in addition to the never-ending success of Office, the imminent blast-off of Windows Phone, and Microsoft's new marketing plans equals a recipe for success.

I also think Microsoft has big plans for Skype as well. Apple is now pushing "iMessages" as the best communication tool going-forward, where as Skype is not only cross-platform but has SO many more features. I'm thinking Microsoft will do everything it can to make Skype as big as possible, considering the $8.5 billion they so generally dropped for it.

What really has me intrigued are the rumors of the next Xbox running Windows 8. This could be the smartest thing Microsoft has ever done.