Siri on the Mac

I want to pose a few questions to my fellow Verge readers regarding OS X 10.8.

Do you guys think that Apple will incorporate Siri with OS X 10.8?

If so, will it be exclusive to new Macs on will Apple bring it to older Macs as well?

Would you find Siri beneficial on a desktop/laptop computer?

Personally, I think that Apple will include Siri, but as to whether it will be available on my 2011 MBA - I'm not so sure. Apple has not made it available on older iPhone models, so it is entirely possible that they won't make it available on older Macs. But, the Mac sales model is a bit different from the iPhone. The iPhone 4S needed a differentiating factor from the iPhone 4, but since Apple doesn't sell old Mac models side-by-side with new Mac models (other then refurbs), then there wouldn't be a need to have a competitive standout feature. Apple wants Siri to become very widespread, so I hope that they make it available on previous models.

What do you think?