Criticize but never create

I basically live on The Verge, i love to follow technology. I find that The Verge has the best open coverage of the industry and they have different ways of covering the news. When ever i go to check out the forums i don't seem to find that same understanding of the industry. I just got finished reading some comments about the Mountain Lion update. People are always calling out new products for short comings. People are so quick to say Apple is too closed, Windows is too unstable, iOS is too simple, or Android is to fragmented.

One day Apple is evil because of the Foxxcon thing, then Google is bad because of their privacy policy. My question is this. If you can so easily judge these companies that have literally created the world we know today, then why don't you make something better. Why don't you create something new and fresh, why haven't you created the new big thing?

We love to judge, and complain but we continue to buy into the system we complain about so much. No one is perfect but if all you have are opinions and no actions then all you will ever be is some guy behind a computer screen. Support he brands you feel make great products, but until you contribute something the the tech ecosystem we call home stop complaining.