Another Rant About Windows Stealing Focus

This has been a gripe that people have had about windows since the Victorian era, and they still haven't addressed it. You know what I'm talking about—you're doing something and something pops up disrupts what you're doing by stealing focus. In the best case, you're inconvenienced. Bad case, you were typing something and hit space bar as the window pops up and have now hit OK/confirm/restart my computer/said no to porn before you could even read what it was. Worst case? Windows minimizes you from a game and you lose an awesome killing streak dying to some pussy recon with 6 service stars on his M98B.

Yes, you can dive deep into your registry to mostly prevent focus stealing. No, it doesn't always work.

So my question is: Where does Microsoft find the arrogance to think that whatever it wants you to look at is more important than what you're currently doing?