OSX Mountain Lion: MacBook X3100 Support


via i.zdnet.com

I am the proud owner of a Early 2008 MacBook (Model: 402, 2.4 GHZ Dual Core, Intel X3100 graphic card). I upgraded the Hard Drive from its original 160 GB to a Hybrid SSD 500 GB. I also added 1 GB of RAM to the 2 GB that came with it. I am currently on Lion, even though Leopard was the OS that came preinstalled with it, and I use Windows 7 in a Boot Camp partition.

This machine has served me quite well the four years that has been with me. So today, I was perplexed by the "news" that this laptop might not be able to run Mountain Lion. I said "news," because this piece of information leaked from a French-Speaking technology website and information about this is scarce.

So I am reaching out to you guys. If someone has more verifiable information about whether this machine will be supported by Mountain Lion, or if you are a Developer running a Developer's Build, let us know too.

Thanks and all I can wish is that somehow Mountain Lion's prime features come to users like me somehow.