Apple might not have been talking about Safari much during today's Mountain Lion reveal, but it wouldn't be an OS X upgrade without some new additions to the native browser. The company has seeded a preview of version 5.2 to developers today, and it comes complete with some UI changes that'll roll out with Mountain Lion this summer. The most obvious one is the belated addition of a Chrome-style universal search bar, where you use one box at the top to enter both URLs and search queries. URLs themselves have been given a visual overhaul, too, dropping the "http://" scheme and greying out parts of the address beyond the domain. Next to the address bar is a permanent button for the Reader feature, which lights up blue when available — currently, Reader is activated by a button that only appears in the address bar when viewing compatible pages. It's probably not recommended as your daily driver just yet, but with the Mountain Lion preview still very early, Safari 5.2 on Lion might be the better option for developers focusing on web technologies.