You know you are a nerd when.....

Last night I went out to a bar with a friend, and while I was standing waiting to get a drink I noticed a phone sitting unattended on the bar. At first glance i didnt think much of it. I was wondering who would just leave their phone at a busy bar.

It was dark but once i gave it a second look i noticed it was a Nexus One. I was immediately impressed. I have owned an iPhone 3g, 4, 4s, Droid 1, Bionic, and now I have a Galaxy Nexus. I work at Verizon Wireless so I am around phone all day. Very rarely am I impressed by mobile technology, but I was with out a doubt impressed that this guy was still rocking a Nexus One. I have always wanted that phone, even now that is out dated and been replaced two times over, it's still a really cool piece of kit. It marked an amazing time for Google and for the mobile industry.

Just thought i would share a geek out moment

- Pruett