Windows Phone: Puerto Rico has it great!

I was entering my home when I happened into one of the most awesome coincidences ever. So, the local channel was up on the TV and it was showing one of those familiar Nokia ads from their Amazing Everyday campaign, I thought it was on a cable channel until I heard the lady speaking in Spanish, presenting what I initially thought was the Lumia 710 for T-Mobile (I had watched only one second of the ad at that time and looked away), but to my surprise, it was the Lumia 800 that was going to the local carrier, Claro.

I couldn't believe it at first, but then I gave it a second thought and I remembered they also had the mythical N9 that almost none of the major markets have seen. But I had to then make sure for myself and went to their YouTube channel to see the videos, and then headed for their site (I even went to the wrong site because I was still on the daydream sate). And there it was, the Lumia 800 on the front page, but there was also something there. Apparently, the Lumia 710 is also available on their network.

The only thing they have left to complete the set is to have the 900 model and they'd be the premier Nokia carrier in Puerto Rico. But, even if Nokia didn't give the Lumia 900 to Claro, AT&T would still have it, and with Claro also being a GSM carrier, it wouldn't be a problem to bring it over from the other network, assuming they do have compatible bands.

And why did I made this post? Well, I wanted to let you in on the bit of news of how good Puerto Rico has it, apparently. I guess we're lucky. Okay, that was kinda' lying, I just remember this one thread in the Meta forums asking people if they were interested in providing local news about tech, so I decided to give it a try... sorta'.