EA isn't treating Mass Effect 3 as just any game release — it's gone all out for the final chapter in BioWare's sci-fi trilogy, with action figures, an iOS game, a Facebook app and more, all linking in some way to your experience in the base product. That continues today with Razer's line of Mass Effect 3-branded accessories, which come with a code to unlock downloadable content. The gaming accessories are mostly skinned versions of existing Razer products, with its Imperator mouse, Vespula mouse mat, BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard representing the PC alongside the Onza Tournament Edition Xbox 360 controller, and Chimaera Xbox 360 headset all being decked out in battle scars and Mass Effect regalia. The products are all listed on the Razer store as being available on March 16th, which unfortunately is ten days after the game itself is released.

PS3 peripherals are notable by their absence. Despite Mass Effect 3 being the first game in the series to launch on all three platforms at once, owners of Sony's console are out of luck here, though they may be interested in Razer's messenger bag or iPhone 4 / 4S case. The products all come with codes for DLC, which will get you the Collector Assault Rifle in-game, along with access to unspecified multiplayer item packs. If you already have the rifle unlocked, the code will make it more powerful. With so many tie-in products coming from all directions, fans of the franchise should certainly be satisfied — though part of us longs for the days when you could get the "complete" experience simply by buying the box on the shelf.