Mid-February and no word on Playbook 2.0 - how RIM has totally blown another great marketing opportunity

I received a 16GB Playbook as a gift, and have become a stark-raving fan of the device. I know that will make me the object of ridicule on this site, but I would encourage anyone to give the tablet a try and see if you don't walk away smiling.

The Playbook OS 2.0 update, which seems like it was announced on just about the same day the device was launched, has been a long time coming. Strictly speaking, this OS update isn't anything that is going to get RIM a huge amount of media attention. Aside from giving maybe a sneek peek at the upcoming BB10 OS, this is really intended just for current Playbook owners.

Limited update to a not-very-successful product for a small, select group of users; I get it. But RIM has totally blown it in the "winning the home team" category here. say what you will, but Blackberry still has a good-sized core of rabid fans, many of whom have proudly sported their Playbooks in public to the scorn of the ipad elite. We have championed the Playbook at work, at school and in the local Starbucks. And all we have asked is that RIM give us the update they promised us.

RIM announced a February, 2012 release for 2.0 way back in November of 2011 and then fell silent about it. This is where they have once again dropped the ball marketing-wise. Yes, I understand that there has been no small amount of upheaval in Waterloo, but this could have been a golden opportunity to showcase the "new" RIM. How cool would it have been if they tweeted on Feb. 14 something like "Blackberry loves Playbook. Get OS 2,0 now?" Or a Super Bowl ad about the new Blackberry, and how it all starts February 17 with OS 2.0? Or how about if Thorsten Heinz tossed an actual launch date at his first press conference as CEO? Or ANYTHING in terms of a firmed up release date!?! Anything at all?

No, in true RIM fashion we have a vague announcement followed by complete silence. There really is no "new" RIM.

I still love my Playbook, and enjoy taking advantage of the features no other tablets offer. I just wish RIM would get their act together and win back their fanbase.