Android 'Holo' Themed Apps

Hi All,

I have a Galaxy Nexus and a Xoom, both running ICS, and it'd be really cool if I could get a consistent look and feel from as many of my apps as possible.

To that end, I was hoping we could put together a list of the Android apps that make use of the 'Holo' themes (light or dark) so for example the ICS Gmail app uses holo light, and the ICS settings app uses holo dark.

To start us off, here are a couple of examples of apps I'm already using:

Notes for ICS with Tasks sync

MX Video Player (Which incidentally is an awesome video player, with massive codec support)

I'm looking forward to seeing what else is out there.


Update 05/03/2012:

Here's a list of all the ones from the comments that I've tried and can confirm are Holo themed. I'm not going to spend time including links to the Market, as you can just search for them, and I don't have time! Sorry if I'm not 100% on with the descriptions too.

Dropbox - Cloud storage

Box - Cloud storage

Boid - Twitter Client

Inka File Manager - File Manager

Disk Usage - Shows what your storage is split into?

Astrid RC - Tasks app (Not in market yet)

Gigbeat - Scans your music and notifies you of upcoming gigs

Google Offers - (Can't validate this as I live in the UK)

SyPressure - Let's you use your phone's baromter as a barometer!

Reddit News - A Reddit client

imo - an IM app, some use of holo, but also the occasional annoying iOS-esque element

EggDropp - Local classified ads

SoundHound - The lesser known cousin of Shazam

Android System Info - Pretty self explanatory

Remote Transmission - Remote for "Transmission" bittorrent client

StumbleUpon - Content discovery service - Holo themed, but with textured elements added, making it less cohesive.

Google Reader - Cloud based RSS reader

Crackle - Free film app

GroupMe - For group texting - Uses holo, but with some iOS style textured elements

HipMunk - Hotel and flight search

Pulse - News reader

Vevo - Music video app - Very poorly customised altered version of holo dark

Timetablr - For time tabling!

Online Radio - For playing online streams

Zinio - Magazine reader

Mentions - Track who's talking about your site

Bonfire - 37 signals campfire app - ?!

HoloNotes - Notepad

Shot Control - Camera

BeyondPod - Podcast manager/Player

Ultimate Stopwatch & Timer - Self explanatory

QuickPic - Photo gallery

Audio manager - Self explanatory

Maildroid - IMAP/POP3 Email client

PermissionAware - Highlights app permissions

MLB at Bat - Baseball apps - I'm only barely lettign this one through though!

OI File MAnager - File Manager

Nova Launcher - Home replacement

Robot Bird - Twitter Client

The following have been mentioned in the comments, but in fact don't use Holo so far as I can tell from testing on my Galaxy Nexus:

Aldiko - Not holo at all

Kindle - Not holo at all

AppAware - They've faked holo theme, but when you use it, it's def not. Orange hints when you press things are the first giveaway. Nice app though.

Nook - Not holo at all

I'm going to give up going through @jathak's post now - lots of them aren't holo, so not very helpful I'm afraid.

Foodspotting - Not holo at all


GroceryIQ - "incompatible with all of [my] devices" so can't test, but screenshots on Market aren't holo

IMDB - phone version not at all. Tablet version a tiny bit, but not enought to count as a holo styled app in my eyes.

Battlefield 3 stats - HAs holo style swiping, but is fully gingerbread themed.

Any.Do - Not holo at all

PocketCasts - Not holo at all

Swype - Holo doesn't really apply here