Waiting for Something Special

As many of you know, buying a new Apple product isn't usually out of necessity. I always find myself thinking about buying the latest and greatest product (specifically talking about Apple Laptops), but then ending up not committing and stick with my old computer. (Late 2008 Uni-Body Aluminum MacBook)

I really want to want a new Apple Laptop but nothing strikes me as a must have laptop just yet. The latest MacBook Air almost did it for me, until I found out the dedicated GPU isn't much to write home about. Another small issue was the screen resolution, though better than most other Apple 13 inch displays, it just doesn't do it for me. After spending most of my day on an iPhone 4 'retina' display and an iPad 2 display, I come home to a less than stellar laptop display and then a part of me gets sad. haha

I'm holding out until at least next fall to get a new computer. I'm hoping Apple will come out with something truly magical.

My Dream Apple Laptop:

13 Inch 'retina' display MacBook Air with a Nvidia or ATI GPU, 10 - 15 hrs of battery life, 500 SSD, 4 to 8 GB of Ram, Full HD FaceTime camera, LTE Capable, thinner would be awesome, but not a big deal since MacBook Air is already crazy thin.

*** haptic feedback on touchpad gestures or other UI experiences would be interesting to say the least.