Attention-Grabbing, Troll-Baiting Thread Title

Suggestion that Apple is scared of Windows 8 and that the Mac and iPad are doomed.

Repeated implication that iOS is for children and that all Apple fans are brainwashed sheep and that independent free-thinkers all use Android.


Criticism of Mountain Lion for borrowing a number of iOS features, showing Apple clearly does not care about its Mac users.

Paragraph explaining how Steve Jobs was nothing but a salesman who knew nothing more than how to steal money from poor, uneducated customers' wallets.

Giant, novella-length post pointing out completely inconsequential sections of The Verge's front page as clear evidence that the site is secretly funded by Apple. Also, On The Verge is dying.

TIM COOK! YOU FOOL!!!! DIXONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In conclusion, if you didn't buy a Nokia N900, you're the reason the mobile phone market is dying.


Pictured above: what a real smartphone interface looks like.

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