Mobile Operating Systems and Computer Operating Systems Merging Together?

Has anyone else noticed this, Since Apple just announced that the next version of OS X, would be called OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. And Mountain Lion as some new features such as Notification Center, iMessage (aka Messages in Mountain Lion), AirPlay Mirroring, Game Center, Reminders and Twitter Integration, all features from iOS 5. It seems to me that we will soon see alot more features from Apple's " iOS ".

Then it might come to seeing to plugging in your iPhone or iPad in to your Mac, then you will have full control over your iPhone, iPad while using your Mac. Then there is Microsoft who is doing something similar, with Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8. First off , the "Metro UI" look of Windows Phone 7 has now made its way to Windows 8.

That is one aspect how Microsoft is doing something similar by having their products OS have the same look. You could also argue that Google is doing the same as Microsoft, with just the look and design and feel of the OS to be the same.

How Google is doing this is by having Android 4.0 (and probably updates for Android ICS) have a same look on both phones and tablets (except for when a Manufacturer puts their skin on top of Android). I just wanted to share what i had thought and if anyone else has any thoughts on what i have said then feel free to comments.