Koss Porta Pro

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Reviewed by StevieRayAwesome (Previously owned)

You might be thinking, how on earth could these headphones sound as good as everybody says they are, but still be so cheap? Easy answer: build quality.

The headphones are basically two pieces of ear shaped plastic, attached to a flexible metal band that runs over your head. This design means that the headphones can be slid up and folded into a small ball, but you will quickly realise that they will catch your hair in them and tear hairs out every time you lift them off your head. Another flaw of this design is that they cannot be placed around your neck when not in use, as the metal band starts to retract, and will start to tighten around your neck, becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

Finally, the Koss PortoPros came with a cable that wasnt the usual headphone jack that bent at at a right angle, instead it was the Apple headphone style where the cable joins the jack directly above where it inserts. As a result, it was also prone to the same issue that has plagued apple headphone users: it started to fray, and eventually the sound cut out. All of this, is in less than 2 months.

Having said all of this, the sound quality is excellent for the price. They do leak alot of sound, and they are prone to breakage, but if they are able to fix this, they have an excellent budget headphone.

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  • Design 6
  • Sound quality 9
  • Comfort 8
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