Your move HTC...

As many of you have heard, the Samsung Galaxy Note is finally available stateside after being heavily scrutinized and envied by the tech community for its imposing dimensions (so imposing that many have placed it in its own category). I have to give Samsung kudos for thinking outside of the box to deliver a device with an interesting form-factor that people actually care about (i’ll touch back on that later). This has me got me thinking, why aren’t more manufacturers trying to differentiate themselves with product design amongst the ever expanding and redundant smartphone environment?

The answer is they have, well, most of them at least. Recently, we have seen the Droid Razr Maxx (which I admit is more a re-hash than an innovative new offering) and it definitely delivers, hours upon hours of battery life at a time when we are more reliant on our devices than ever before. Even last year we saw new designs in respect to landscape orientation devices with the Sony Xperia Play and Kyocera Echo. Unforunately, neither of these devices were wildly successful, but these companies received tremendous admiration from the community for trying to be different, something HTC has been unfamiliar with for some time now.

Smartphones made by HTC have looked the same for years and it isn’t just UI, this is design aesthetics as well. Some my scoff at this proclamation and say that Apple products have lengthy design cycles as well but there is one drastic difference between the two companies, Apple is winning and in a big way. The companies that aren’t winning should try their best to differentiate themselves from the competition, so what is HTC doing? They "Rhyme" to "Beats" that people just aren’t interested in, there differentiation appears more gimmicky than compelling. I hope HTC has realized the mistakes they have made and will look for opportunities to rebound from recent disappointing quarterly earnings. As a long-time HTC user, I must say I’m looking forward to HTC’s potential offerings at MWC. With the absence of the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III at the event, it gives HTC the opportunity to be in the limelight at one of the largest tech conferences of the year. Now is the time to deliver HTC, don’t screw this up!