Intuit has just brought its Mint personal finance and budgeting app to Android tablets. If you're not familiar with the service, it collects your personal banking, credit, loan, and investment accounts and is designed to help you easily set up a budget and keep your finances in check. The new Android tablet app joins its iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphone brethren by offering overviews of your various financial accounts and your budgets. The Android tablet app plays catch-up to the iPad version and gets some new pie charts and other graphs that let you visualize your financial situation a bit better.

We played around with the app today on a Motorola Xyboard 8.2, and it works very fluidly. Not only are the new graphs attractive, but we found that they make it easier to get a grasp of all of your accounts and how you're spending your money. When you load up the app, you're presented with a pie chart that lays out your monthly spending by category (like travel, food, and shopping), and it's easy to click one section of the chart to get a specific breakdown. There's also a new, interactive bar graph on the front page that compares your spending, month by month. Other than the new charts, there's an offline mode that works just like you'd expect: open the app without an internet connection and the data from the last time you used it up will be there, waiting for you.

While the additions to the app are certainly positive, we still wish that you could do a bit more account management on the go — although you can add accounts from within the app, you can't manage or create budgets. The app is available now as a free download for all Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) devices, and we're told that support for Android 4.0 tablets is forthcoming.