It's taken a while, but as expected we're seeing more enhanced profile pages on Twitter this month, first announced as part of the service's major UI overhaul late last year. Accounts from companies like Al Jazeera, Volkswagen, and NPR are now taking advantage of the benefits, for which they have to have placed an advertising order of at least $25,000. (Update: NPR has contacted us to say that it hasn't spent any money on advertising with Twitter, and that it was selected as an early partner for the service.) What benefits do the enhanced profile pages bring? Account owners have more control over content, with the ability to "pin" a tweet to the top of their feed with images or video embedded, and can select a Facebook Timeline-style banner for the head of their page. While the changes are pretty nice, they don't dramatically alter the experience of checking out a company's Twitter feed — it is, after all, still largely a list of 140-character messages, and the effect is lost completely on the legions of tweeters who use the service via mobile apps.