Are content owners pushing to be regulated?

As a non-law major, I had a thought today that made too much sense. Somebody talk me out of believing it.

With all the legal nonsense surrounding SOPA/PIPA, OPEN, ACTA, and the TPP, I've noticed a pattern: the RIAA says that they're losing money, and want more control over how to "patch the leaks". This results in an attempt to pass federal legislation over how media is consumed over the internet. The Pens in D.C. and the RIAA get together to draft and pass some abomination of a bill, and everybody starts to hate it. Then it gets tabled, renamed, and fortified. Rinse and repeat.

Does this not seem like the RIAA is almost asking for media to be regulated by the government? It's extremely repetitive and overbearing. More importantly, how do they keep getting so close to pulling it off? Every bill that gets shot down isn't told to come back without guns-a-blazing, but instead gets stronger provisions.

Both parties obviously want this to happen, they just can't agree on how to break it to us.

*I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but this all just seems like a slap in the face to intelligent and scrupulous internet users. I'm