While there's still no specs available, we're eagerly anticipating the launch of the ADzero mobile phone, which has an external case made entirely from bamboo. We've seen wooden phones before, but this is easily one of the most striking, and the head designer isn't even finished with university. Middlesex student and London resident Kieron Scott-Woodhouse originally designed a mobile phone concept out of steel and bronze that was noticed by a number of phone blogs as well as ADzero, who contacted Scott-Woodhouse to help design a new phone.

The design team decided on bamboo because the phone's being manufactured in China, and they were looking for a natural, local, renewable material. The bamboo is four years old, organically grown, and specially treated to improve durability — it's also light, with prototypes weighing half of what the iPhone weighs. Originally, this Android-powered phone was only going to be available in China, but thanks to the attention it's getting, ADzero is looking to target a more boutique market in the UK as well. There's no word on when this phone will launch other than "this year," but we're hoping to get our hands on one of these as soon as possible.