The latest numbers are in for Android version marketshare, and while Ice Cream Sandwich has made some (very) minor gains, Gingerbread and Froyo continue to be kings of the platform. According to Google's Android Developers site, Ice Cream Sandwich was present on one percent of all devices accessing the Android Market over the last two weeks in January. That's up from the 0.6 percent reported for the end of December, but it doesn't seem to indicate an uptick in Galaxy Nexus sales. Operating systems 4.0 through 4.0.2 accounted for just 0.3 percent of all active devices — the exact same figure as in the prior report — and the newest Nexus still sits at 4.0.2. Instead, Ice Cream Sandwich's gains appear to be coming from updates: both the Motorola Xoom and Transformer Prime have been bumped to 4.0.3 over the past month, giving the new "base version" a 0.7 percent share.

The numbers all pale in comparison to previous versions of Android, however: version 2.2 Froyo accounted for 27.8 percent of devices, while 58.6 percent ran various variants of 2.3 Gingerbread — an actual increase from a month ago. The numbers shouldn't come as a huge surprise, given the number of shipping devices relying on older versions of the OS, but we can't help but wish manufacturers would get around to releasing Ice Cream Sandwich devices — and updates — sooner rather than later.