When Motorola released the first-generation Defy in September 2010, it was an unusual proposition: an Android 2.2 handset that didn't totally skimp on specs but offered water, dust, and scratch resistance. You might remember that the ads for the phone made something of a splash when they were first shown, with it being dropped, drenched, and generally abused without showing so much as a scratch. Those commercials later got Motorola into hot water with the British advertising regulators as customers found their phones not quite living up to their hardened expectations.

A year later, and Motorola has released the Defy+ — a phone that on the outside looks remarkably similar to the original, down to the capacitive buttons, locking back, and camera, with an upgrade to Android 2.3 and a slight processor bump as the only notable spec increases. It’s also been handed the “lifeproof” moniker that the first-generation Defy introduced. But how does it shape up compared to its older brother?