We heard that Fujitsu was planning to launch at least one Arrows tablet in Europe a while back, and it looks to be part of a full-scale offensive on the continent. The company will indeed be releasing a range of smartphones and tablets on both Android and Windows platforms this year, according to a report in the Financial Times, and will likely show off products at the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2012. Note that it's not necessarily Windows Phone we're talking about here — Fujitsu does make Windows Phones in Japan, like the IS12T we saw at CES, but it's also made bizarre devices such as the F-07C, a smartphone that dual-boots Symbian and Windows 7. While we're not sure it'll pull that trick again, Microsoft's next desktop OS is certainly more conducive to mobile devices.

As for Android, Fujitsu could have some unique devices for the European market — its recent Arrows ES IS12F smartphone was the world's thinnest upon launch in Japan. The company enjoys around 20 percent marketshare in its homeland, but with Japanese customers increasingly opting for smartphones from foreign manufacturers it's no surprise that it would want to expand its horizons. Panasonic has already announced its plans to enter the European market, and it seems likely that Sharp is preparing to make the same move.