It was already known that a Call of Duty title would make its way to the PS Vita, but a Sony VP has just given us a timeframe for when we can expect it. According to Guy Longworth, Senior VP of PlayStation marketing, we'll see the latest Call of Duty hit the PS Vita this autumn, though the game's full name or developer wasn't revealed. Longworth revealed this in a conversation with GameTrailers that covered everything from how the PS Vita will stack up against portable games on smartphones, to third-party support of the platform, to cross-play and remote play. It sounds like the upcoming release of MLB 2012 The Show will take good advantage of cross-play — user progress will be synced across both platforms, so if you're in the middle of a season on the PS3 you can pick it up easily on the PS Vita. Overall, Sony's still putting on a confident face as the company prepares to launch in the UK and US this week — but Longworth also said he sees the Vita as as "five to 10-year console" (much like the PS3), so he urged people not to judge it on how it performs in the first few weeks or months after launch.