Koss Porta Pro

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Reviewed by kalikot (Currently owns)

The Koss Porta Pros are such classic and timeless headphones. From the design to its classic dark and bassy sound signature, it's a hallmark of the audio industry and is still quite the popular seller.

At this day and age though the Porta Pros are faced with stiff competition from alternatives such as the Sennheiser PX100-ii or the AIAIAI Tracks and V-Jays.

They still hold up to the test of time but honestly, its modern competitors have already bettered it in terms of sound quality for the portable and foldable alternatives. Though they are still not far off when compared, engineering and modern technology has led the way to better sounding headphones for its price range.

Yes I still own one but I cant help but prefer my Tracks nowadays. I handed it down to my brother knowing that he will appreciate the Porta Pros and its timeless design.

Truly a marvelous headphone, but its not the end all be all if you widen your horizons

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  • Design 8
  • Sound quality 6
  • Comfort 7
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