Autodesk 123D: 3D printing for everyone

During CES I looked at all the cool 3D printers and was amazed by all the applications and uses. I wanted to try out creating some 3D models for printing. Then I realized it wasn't as easy as it looked. I tried modelling in Google Sketchup but it didn't give me enough control. I tried 3DS max and I felt it gave me too much control. I was kind of getting the hang of it when I saw something called Autodesk 123D ( while browsing the Autodesk website for information. It was exactly what I needed.

I started messing around and it was really easy to navigate and create models. It also allows you to export data to a 3D printer so you can get a physical version of your model. I then wondered how I was going to get it printed since I don't have a 3D printer. Then my friend told me about Shapeways. You just upload your 3D model and you can get it printed in a variety of plastics and metals.

I think that many people are interested in 3D printing and are wondering how to get started and I hope this helps.