If you're still lost in the world of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim three months on from launch, Bethesda and Prima Games have teamed together to help you out, releasing a World Interactive Map for the epic RPG. While we saw third party effort Dragon Shout hit the App Store soon after Skyrim's release, the official app is an altogether sleeker affair, with the same pin-dropping ability on a detailed map zoomable to 3200x. It's universal for iPhone and iPad, though we couldn't get it to work on our iPad 2, with a "Please wait while loading data" message never showing any signs of life. The app is free, but that'll only get you a view of the overworld and its 9 capital cities. Locations, points of interest, and interior maps are all hidden behind in-app purchases. One final caveat — it's only available in the US App Store.