Why I think that BlackBerry isn't dead yet

The most popular smartphones to date are Android smartphones, an OS that is provided by Google, and Apples iPhone. Both companies have a reputation of being diligent data collectors with a tendency to disregard peoples privacy. German privacy advocates actually make a point of calling Google an advertising agency rather than a software company and with the latest renewel of the privacy guidelines Google has dropped it's “do no evil” mask (see sources here and here). So you can basically assume that everything you do on your smartphone is potentially visible to one of those companies and with the extensive media coverage of these recent development it is reasonable to assume that most people are aware of what is happening with their data.

Bearing all that in mind one question arouses:

What if I want/need a smartphone but don't want some company get it's hands on my data?

The answer to that is Blackberry. RIM actually states often that the source of it's OS isn't available for the general public plus a Blackberry does encrypt all of it's communication. Look back what happened in Saudi-Arabia and Britain last year: Not even government entities have the ability to spy on people using BBM!

In conclusion I'd say that Google has done RIM a huge favor with it's recent policy and I think that sales will pick up again with growing awareness of data security and privacy.