RIM is in the middle of a reinvention, and a big part of that is the release of the BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 operating system. To go along with the new OS release, RIM has also put together some commercials that focus on the new features of PlayBook 2.0. They're significantly different than the commercials that aired last year when the PlayBook launched, with a much greater emphasis on emotional connections and how BlackBerry fits into your life — one commercial documents the opening of a restaurant, while the other shows a man proposing with the help of his BlackBerry devices. The ads go for the "warm and fuzzy" feel, while simultaneously showing off some new features — like the long-awaited native email client and updated BlackBerry Bridge for sharing content between your phone and tablet. Contrast that with with the original BlackBerry PlayBook commercials that hit you over the head with the tablet's Flash capabilities, and you'll see that RIM's adopting a different tone for its second go-round with the PlayBook.