PC gaming has been declared dead time and time again over the years, but developer Remedy has just shown that there's still a large market for games on the ol' desktop. The company proclaimed today that its highly-rated $29.99 self-published port of the psychological thriller Alan Wake was the number one selling game on Steam last weekend, and, more importantly, that it recouped its entire development and marketing expenses for the port within 48 hours of its release on the 16th. Of course, the money spent on the PC edition — which was developed with the assistance of Nitro Games — surely pales in comparison to that of the original Xbox 360-only title, which went five years between its announcement in 2005 and its release in 2010. Nevertheless, PC gamers should be glad to see that users are willing to support — and not pirate — high-quality original IPs. We just hope this means the American Nightmare DLC will take less time to get to the PC than the port did.