With all the commotion being made over LTE these days, it's easy to forget Wi-Fi. While it theoretically saves battery life, speeds up downloads, and eases network congestion, it's often too much of a hassle to find an access point and log in — especially when you're on the move. The Wi-Fi Certified Passpoint standard is aiming to solve that, giving users the ability to hop on networks automatically when they're in range, without having to deal with the browser log-in windows. Devices can become certified through a variety of methods, either through software permissions or hardware such as SIM cards. Once certified, the devices will support WPA2 security and roaming agreements between providers.

Carriers would no doubt love for this to take off — with global mobile data traffic predicted to quadruple by 2016, something will need to be done to ease the burden on congested networks. The program comes from the Wi-Fi Alliance, and will begin certification testing in July.